Monday, August 07, 2006

Cuyahoga Nights

I can't take credit for the title above, nor can I take credit for the brilliance that was "Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby." The movie was hilarious, although perhaps not as good as Anchorman - repeat viewings will be required to know definitively. A few things raised by the movie - yes, a dumb comedy can be thought-provoking, if you consider the following to be "thoughts" (which is debatable):

1) How does one piss excellence? Can this be learned, or is this just a "you got it or you don't" kind of thing? If it can be learned, where?

2) When did the weird chick from "Catch Me if You Can" become excessively cute?

3) Why do Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (co-writer and director of both "Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights") like the initials "R.B."? Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby - does this stand for something? If so, what?

4) Is it weird to think that a movie got ten times better just because Elvis Costello appears for five seconds?

5) Would you break a man's arm if he didn't say he liked crepes? I hate crepes and am not a violent person, but a man's word is all he has, so I guess I'd say yes.

6) Is Cal Naughton, Jr. the hick cousin of Chest Rockwell?

7) Why isn't there an Oscar for "Best Movie Ever"?

8) Perhaps the most important question of all: Is Gary Cole the coolest man alive for being able to portray, in no particular order, all of the following characters: (a) a cartoon superhero turned attorney (Harvey Birdman); (b) a hick who sells weed and is obsessed with cougars (Talladega Nights); and (c) the Vice President of the United States (on West Wing)? I mean, this is approaching Peter Sellers level in terms of versatility people...

More to come soon...should be a good day. :)


Blogger Criminal Appeal said...

1) I don't know; I more schvitz excellence than piss it.
2) Right about when she climbed up on the table.
3) Uh, next . . .
4) Don't you listen. It wasn't him.
5) I thought the compromise was quite fair actually. But some people can't be reasoned with.
6) They look suspiciously similar.
7) Cause the Academy would give it to Titanic of Forest Gump and we'd all have to shoot ourselves. (There can be only one).
8) He was also briefly the greatest play-by-play man ever, but recognition for that was limited by the small number of household that receive ESPN 8.

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